Market place **** has begun :(

Have a option to remove paid for content for the marketplace, so I don’t have to see it please. An option to have only free Epic made content woulod be even better.


What part of “Market” don’t you understand?

A “free” filter sound good, but you don’t need use bad language for ask for him, this is a developer community not a quentin tarantino’s movie.

These requests belong to the “Marketplace” board ->

That’s just lame dude, seriously. The Epic team treat everyone with respect and kindness. There’s no need for that kind of post. Have some manners please :frowning:

Let me attempt to reword the original post in a less childish manner:

With the Marketplace having served as a hub for free content directly from Epic in the past, I would appreciate a pair of filters the user could apply.
1.) Filter by free, paid, or both. A further refinement might be to allow for sorting from highest to lowest or lowest to highest.
2.) Filter by official Epic content, user submitted content, or both. Additionally the ability to click on the name of the publishing entity and see more of their work.

3.) Once the marketplace has more than a few dozen entries, it would be quite nice to have some options for sorting by content type.

Hehe, that’s how it should be communicated! Props, Veovis :slight_smile:

2nd that notion.

Overall, to the OP, I imagine it may be a bit early yet. When the marketplace grows to the point where a single ling scrolling page doesn’t cut it, certainly we can expect grouping and navigation to appear. Right now, it’s quite easy with the limited offering to scan past them.