[Market Place] Dynamic Camera System (ala God Of War) Early Demo


Hey Everyone!

I’m really excited to finally be getting to show you some tech me and my friend Matt have been working on. It is one of the things we are most proud of for sure. Check out the video to see a early version of it. Let me know below if you are interested! Here are some of the features it currently supports, along with some of the things we’ll be working on getting in.

Here is a video of a demo of our system:

Here is a video of a good dynamic camera system from a game i’m sure most of you have heard of: (and where we would like our camera system to be)

Currently Implemented Features: Camera Dynamics And Blending

  • Yaw, Pitch, and Distance Ranges
    Control how much the camera will rotate or how close/far the character/targets will get before moving.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Offset Ranges
    Frame the target in a specific part of the screen, focusing the player’s attention on anything you want by framing it in view!
  • Fov Control for Zooming in/out
    Zoom in and out using Fov
  • Blending Control
    Control how quickly or slowly or how much a Virtual Camera will blend.
  • Blueprint Integration
    Use our Blueprint API to hook up Virtual Cameras to scripted events, attacks, or special custom triggers.
  • Blending Management
    Our blending system seemlessly blends between Virtual Cameras, giving proper dynamic behavior.

Remaining TODOs:

  • Camera on Rails
  • Complete Dynamic Camera Template Project
  • Group Zoning
  • Various Custom Virtual Cameras (timed blend, distance based blend, triggered blend example)
  • Tutorials going over different camera situations (walls, going through door, etc).

We also need to figure out exactly how we are going to release it (depending on interest?/dev grant?)

Thanks for checking it out!

Looking great. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope people look forward to using it!

Just added the github link! My buddy and I have been busy with our game so haven’t had time to address the above things, but we added the project above to github!

MIT license!

so you guys still working on it?

Not recently, feel free to mess with it and give feedback.

Really awesome Work, hope you could keep maintain it.

it doesn’t work with 4.15

Hey guys! So sorry I haven’t updated in a while! We stopped actively working i this but have recently picked it up again. I might reimplement this as a plugin. What do you think?