Marker-Based Animation Syncing problem

Im trying to use Sync Markers to blend-out Anim Montage in a specified points and have walk cycle start as close as possible to end pose. It seems like SyncMarkers should be able to achieve that(according to…ion/SyncGroups) but i have been unable to get them working. The only success i have was when the animations were directly linked into BlendSpace, then it worked as intended. I have Walk Cycle (in Anim Blueprint) and Montage set into the same Sync Group Name, I have tried all combinations of Group roles, etc. Nothing seems to work. I’m not sure if the markers are meant to synchronize only animation in the same Blend Space or Im missing something.

Did anyone encounter the issue? Any help is appreciated.

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You are trying to use sync markers with montages? Not sure actually if this is supported, i have used them for animation clips / blendspaces in the graph itself and never had any problems.

Sorry for necro, but does anyone figured out if sync markers work properly for montages?
I am trying use them to sync various root motion humanoid turns in to a walk/run animation.

  • Marked required frames in all animations with correct sync markers ( for montage had to mark animation i used as a base).
  • Assigned same Sync groups in Animation blueprint and Montages
  • Tried various blend out timings and durations.
    Not working - no matter what, transition always use the first frame of animation when exiting montage, even tho similar markers are in another place.
    It is wierd, because documentation page states very clearly : “AnimMontage also support marker-based sync while blending out, so you can transition back to other animations seamlessly”.

P.S Searching google/discord does not provide clear statement of what does work,what does not work, and what is bugged.


Same problem, Anything help?

This topic is still unanswered an is very crucial to be able to manage seamless animation flow between montages launched from code and back to the ABP.

As of today this is still not working (I’m using UE 4.26). Documentation doesn’t clarify this topic enough, just said sync with syn markers on blend out is available on montages. But in every little post you find about this topic all users agree that this is not working. So one of this two:

1 - Everyone out there asking has no idea how to properly set up this, so the proper way to do it is tricky and is not covered in enough detail in the documentation.
2 - The feature doesn’t work.

In case it works, in addition to all this it isn’t clear which role the montage is assuming in the sync (In the example OP was talking about with a montage for a walk start/stop transition animation, you will want that the transition be the leader and the walk cycle in your ABP be the follower). How you know which role the montage is taking? Is it possible to change it?

If someone can give light to this topic it will help an example of how to setup one case like that start/stop walk montage > walk cycle.