Markdown with multiline text


What would be a ways to make widget with multiline text supporting things like: links (with opening them in o.s. set def. browser), pictures(with auto text separation) …;, preferably:

  • without constructing the ‘page’ from widgets like 1 line text, link, picture …
  • and without or with minimum c++


Try the new Rich Text support for widgets in v 4.20+


im currently in middle of examination process and got a question:

to insert image in the …box ,richImageRow dataTable is intended, but what would be a way to make changing of the picture (for example on file added in run time)?;

And question 2: are the …box content processed as html (with all it’s markups(“tags”))?, if no, how ,if possible ,to display html?;

edit: answer 2: ;

Actually I havent tried the feature yet but it seemed like what you need. At this point you would be teaching me how to use it.