Marioesque, side scroller platformer

Hello everyone!

First things first, this is not its real name. Its just something i came up with on the spot when creating the project.

Marioesque was first concieved 2 years ago on the unity engine. it was fun to do. Then unreal came out and i just forgot all about unity. I was browsing my external hard drive and happened to come across the build i made in unity and was like “This should be easy in UE4”

The following were not made by myself, credit goes to
**Epic Games **for the manniquin and ground and grass textures.
**StrafeJump Studios **for making the Crate and Pillar models as well as their textures in their Ultimate Greyboxing Kit.

I do plan on making my own assets instead of those mentioned above.



Game Demo: Link

Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.