Mario Kart time Trial 'Ghost' Racer: Adding Basic Animation to the 'Ghost'.

Hello everyone!

I’m currently making a game that records the movement of a character that will be applied to a ‘Ghost’ of sorts in the future. Think of Mario Kart time trial where you race your previous best time.
I’ve posted a couple of threads referring to this game that you may remember.

its all working great! with one exception. Normally when possessing the character you would move using ‘Add Movement Input’. But I record the transforms each 0.02 seconds. When I apply this movement to the ‘Ghost’ I use ‘Set actor Transform’. Which gets the job done. Except there is no animation when I set actor transform. so the ‘Ghosts’ just slide around.

Here are blueprints of how a player would move a character and how a ghost would move
Regular Moving.jpg
Recording Move.jpg

Is there any way I could animate a character naturally like what happens in ‘add movement Input’? or is there a better way to record my movements that includes recording the animations also?
Thanks for the help!

Still looking for assistance in this matter. Any ideas?

Ok so I decided to try to record the Axis Values every ‘InputAxis’ and then apply those instead of a transform, but for some reason when i try to add them to my array when I record it always records it as a 0. I’m a bit confused.

Hello there,

I remember seeing this post some while ago, I did an tutorial to show one way to do a ghost race car:

Hope it helps