Mario Galaxy Gravity with Line Trace Bug

Hello! I am trying to create a simple game using the Mario galaxy style gravity, something like this:


There are a bunch of threads explaining how to do this, but I must be doing something wrong because I’ve been noodling around with it for days but I can’t seem to get it to work? Here’s my blueprint:

I’m using a character blueprint with the movement set to flying so it ignores gravity.

It seems to work perfectly at first as seen above. But if I move the character passed the halfway mark on this sphere, it glitches out and starts rotating like crazy and causing a mess. It seems like the impact normal is flipping my character 180 degrees or that the character movement won’t update itself in its new orientation, but whatever the reason I just cannot seem to fix it. Can anyone help me figure this problem out? It’s driving me crazy…

maybe because u try to rotate 360° but unreal uses -180 to 180 when using rotations?