Mario Bros - Reinterpreted

Good evening everyone.

As part of my personal educational journey in working with Unreal Engine I thought it would be interesting to try recreate, or reinterpret, game environments and gameplay mechanics from some of the vintage games I enjoyed playing when growing up.

I decided to start with a project that I thought had more simplified game mechanics, so I picked Mario Bros. Because it basically only had a single game screen layout to recreate, allowing me to also focus on blueprints scripting without having to do too much 3d modelling for the environment.

I started of with setting up an environment scene, and a few blueprints for characters and basic functionality. I used that to make this ‘cinematic’ video:

After I returned from my annual leave, I expanded on the project by fleshing out the gameplay mechanics, and creating the first few levels, or phases. Here is an demonstration of the work-in-progress gameplay:

I still have a lot to do here and learn from this project. Next I want to add more content; Expand on the levels I have working; Maybe play around with the PostProcessing; And improve the animations. I would really like to understand the animation process better, especially aim offset, and how to implement animation that only affect a few bones only. So, any help, or pointing in the right direction, would be much appreciated?


This is really dope, I love the POW effect on the platforms and turtle… fantastic!


Thank you. Your feedback is really appreciated.

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