Maresa-Indie Game

Hello there,
we are from Germany and working on a big project for 4 teenagers. Everyone of us have his job in the development of Maresa. I’m doing the level designing and here are some screenshots from the NOT finished project. I hope you enjoy it.

Some little other informations:

  • We are schoolboys
  • We are all 15 years old
  • I will give every member of the team a letter (G, F, H, T)
    G: I’m working on the level design, writing the story and help the others.
    F: I’m programming the blueprints and writing the story too. (maybe I will write a book to the game later)
    H: I’m creating the 3d objects that we didn’t have and help a little bit with the story.
    T: I’m writing a few quests for the game, start the kickstarter in the future and will do the business.

It would be nice if you give me some feedback :slight_smile:

Screenshots are on