Marco Maria Rossi - - Experienced 3D Environment/Prop/Blueprint Artist


  • 8+ years experience in the UE4/UDK
  • 2 Shipped project, 1 AAA (Driveclub-Environment Artist) and 1 Indie (Chess Ultra - 3D artist/Art Director)
  • 3 years of experience in AAA game industry
  • 1 year of experience in indie game development
  • 4 years experience as a freelancer/UE4 marketplace seller
  • Optimal reviews and happy customers over at my UE4 marketplace seller page: LINK
  • Expert in Environment/Prop Creation, world-dressing, shader/material creation.
  • Proficient in technical art and blueprint implementation.

Released Titles:
Driveclub (PS4)
Chess Ultra (PC/PS4/XboxOne/Switch/VR)

UE4 Marketplace Seller Page

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]i[EMAIL=“”]

Additional Information:

  • Availability as per last post in thread
  • Please visit my website to see my complete portfolio. Some folders might be locked so send me an email if you are interested and require a password.

Currently available

Currently unavailable