aww man don’t be a tease xD

Maybe us February Peeps might get a swag bag considering the engine went free a week after the winner announcement hinthint* :wink:

Yeah i did the same ha ha, more gameplay needed from me this month.
I am so ready for another Jam…
Redbull: check!
Dual screens: check!
Enthusiasm: check!
Day off work Friday: Fail!
3 out of 4 is not bad…

I really want to participate this time :slight_smile: I hope the theme would be inspiring.

I hope it’s more Pat Benatar.

I probably will participate in the event. I just need to speed things a little up with the game I’m developing, so I get the spare time for the game jam :D. Love ya guys and am pretty interested, what you will come up with^^.

PS: As always, you guys are EPIC :).

I’m IN :slight_smile: I promise no burps or farts this time - I’ll at least TRY to keep them out anyway LOL ;p

I’ll be participating for one. Have been way too busy since the jams started and luckily this one falls at the end of my Spring Break.

I’ll think we need another month to get these new people to acclimatize before jumping into jam, but I hope we will see some new people this time!

Cool. First time that I’ll have time to participate :cool:

I suspect I may find time for this one - a 3d artist who’s also interested might be good to hear from :slight_smile:

I guess this time the timing is perfect! 19th :cool: :cool: :cool:


I’m afraid this jam will be the first one I’ll have to sit out… too much work on my plate to take a few days off, and to top it off I have a weird tooth thing going on. Boo! Well, next month :slight_smile: Good luck ! I’m very much looking forward to 's stream anyway :slight_smile:

Already looking forward to this, have missed the jams since December since I always had something else to do …

Haha,…neat theme!


I can really dig the theme :smiley:

10 mins ago :wink:

About To stream My progress! ://

From the rules:

What about our own personal trademarks/logos, should we have any? And, to that end, Unreal Engine logos?

Cheers, definitely stoked to crank something out. :cool:

Anyone looking to team up? I’m currently a solo coder, but could always have some extra hands, particularly 3d able ones!

@ : can i join ya ?