Maps save, but are not considered saved?

Its quite random and I am not sure whats causing it.
I have checked the files to see if they are locked/read only but that doesnt seem to be the case.
Happens randomly between 4.11, 4.16 and the few versions I use in between.

I save the map, but the icon indicating the map hasnt been saved yet stays, and ue4 considers the map not saved. so each time I press the save button/save all button/submit to source control the map needs to be saved.

It does actually save the map, ue4 just doesnt think it did O_o

I believe I have encountered this ‘problem’ quite a few times before. Not just on levels/maps, but on basically all the different types of assets that decide to refuse to save fully and the only way I have seemed of being able to fix it is:

  1. Fix up the redirectors in the content folder.

  2. Save all from the content browser.

  3. File - save all.

  4. Then close the project, saving everything on exit and then reopening it again.

Depending on the project sometimes it takes all four steps, possibly in different orders, sometimes the solution only required one or two steps it just varied randomly for some reason.

thanks for the comment!
I already tried this before I posted this thread.
I always keep my re-directors… well… non-existent by cleaning them up, I save more often than Mario tries to save the princess, and often re-open the project in the hopes that solves it.

I do hope that it might solve the issue for others who have a similar problem.