Maps not saving?

So whenever I try to reopen a saved project I’ve been working on, it opens up as if I just started a new project so all of my progress is lost. I haven’t been able to find an answer to this and I need help. I’m sorry if this isn’t very detailed, I’m new to posting things for help. So if there is anyone that knows how to fix this, then I would really appreciate it.

Did you try to start the Engine/Launcher in Admin Mode ?

Hey thanks for the help but I was able to figure it out by some help on the Unreal forums. But what is this Admin mode you speak of??

Oh alright cool, I’ll think of that if this problem occurs again. Thanks for the help.

Will just post the solution from the forum into this thread: “You probably just need to set the default starting level and editor map.”

You have to do a right click onto your launcher/engine exe - start with admin rights → then the program will have full access to your pc :slight_smile: