Mapping two actions to one key


I have a question regarding the Action Mapping on UE4.
Is it possible to bind multiple actions to one Key. I already tried to uncheck the “Consume Input” field but it did not work unfortanetly.

I hope that somebody can help me.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just use the input node twice like so


Why don’t you use Flip-Flop after your G button?

Have the Player Controller / Pawn call whatever a function / custom event in the other blueprint. In most scenarios it’s logical to have a single input processor.

Optionally, have the controller dispatch a call and register events that need to listen to it.

This way you can have each actor interpret the same call differently.

What about if it were in 2 separate blueprints?

Use the same input for every action you want like sudoadmin said or go to “project configuration” > “Input” and create one unique input to be called for all multiple actions you want.