Mapping of key actions and axis within a function?

Hi I am trying to retrieve the actions configured in the input section of the project. But I don’t know how to do it from inside a function.

In the case of moving the player if it has worked for me, but for example I want to retrieve the jump action, but I don’t know how.

That’s not possible inside of a function, only an ubergraph like the event graph.

Best practice is to set a variable on key press in the uber graph then access that variable inside your function. Key down > Set variable true. Key up > set variable false.

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Ok, thanks for your answer, I thought that could be done. Then it would only be as follows. Although the variable thing would be nice, I think it would be overabundant in writing unnecessary work.

Yup, that’s a good way to handle it. I wasn’t sure what your end goal was so I tried to stick to your example but this is cleaner for sure.

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