Maple Trees House

Maple Trees House

In 3D Virtualandbegan developing this project since January 2015. At the beginning our purpose was to use that as a demo thats was in February 2015. About 3 months ago we updated animations and lighting with textures and materials and a better computer system that has an Intel Core i7 processor sixth generation and more.

Below are some of the screenshoots called Maple Trees House. We have not decided what to do but we believe that this is a good start because of the quality of this scene.

We hope that soon we initiate the development of our new game using our own content and the Unreal Engine 4.11.

Very beautiful :3

Good job.

Just something unnatural, the flare lense when you look at the sun^^. Unless of course if your character wear some kind of headgear^^.

Very well done.