Mapfile keeps changing on disk, even though I didn't change it

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.12.0-0+UE4, compiled from commit ab237f4. (I also tried the current latest release version - 442f3b7, and the current bleeding edge development version - 6e9a01a but those both crash on startup)

I chose to create a new project from the top-down template, and then clicked Source control to initialise with git. This stages some files, including a gitignore. So I commit that, then add the rest of the unstaged files, assuming that since the project creates a gitignore already, that means the rest is not supposed to be ignored. But now, every time I click save in the editor, the file “Content/TopDownCPP/Maps/TopDownExampleMap.umap” changes in content. Why? Should this file be gitignored? Should all .umap files be gitignored?

Can confirm this is still the case with unreal 4.14, commit ab5adcb2

I guess some internal timestamp meta data updates whenever you save the map. So the file changes without actual editorial changes…