I want to make a 300 km map, there is no problem with world machine, my problem is how I can make one like this? and how I can add forests, etc, itțs bigger, and I have in plan to do apotolictic game! And I dont know if is there a way to automize my work

  1. Create the terrain using world machine. There’s a lot of tutorials on youtube showing how to do this. Import it on UE4. Create terrain materials.

  2. For trees, you can use speedtree, or buy game ready models.

  3. For buildings, you usually model them from scratch. You can use many tools, even free ones like Blender.

  4. If this is your first game and you are just starting, avoid complex projects like this. A game is much, MUCH more than just a terrain with objects. It would take months, and probably years, for an experienced person to create a good quality 300km map populated with vegetation, rocks and other props alone.