Map wont open!!

Hello Guys, im not sure if this is the right Place to post my Problem, but i need help.
I made a map in the UT Editor 4, im aware of the issue that the Mapbrowser wont show custom Maps. So i tried to open my Map via console, but all it does is jumping back into the Mainmenu after a few seconds of blackscreen. All other Maps, also custom Maps can be loaded via Console.

So what did i wrong?? Is there any special object that needs to be placed on the Map so it can be loaded? ( I have several Playerstarts, so that wont be the problem)

Sorry for my english, im from Germany.

Have you tried quitting Unreal and even tried rebooting your machine?

Let me know!

you might want to post this to the UT forum as you will probably get the help/answer quicker.