Map won't load on Linux Server Executable

I am experiencing an issue where the server executable gets stuck waiting for IO when loading the map. It just seems to loop forever from ProcessAsyncLoading to WaitForIO printing “Waited for 10 seconds on IO” every time it retries.

This only happens on a native Linux environment or on a Virtual Machine, as when I use the Windows Subsystem for Linux’s bash console it loads past that point without any problems.

This is also pretty much the only process running on the machine that is doing any kind of IO, when I run iotop no other process rises above 1% while this is happening, and I can see both loading threads from Unreal Engine reaching 60~90% IO, then just disappear from the list once we reach the point where it starts looping and waiting.

It also doesn’t seem to matter which map I try to load, a simple scene hits the same point as a full-fledged landscape map.

Any help as to how to proceed or which settings, if any, I should take a look at would be appreciated.

It would be helpful if you can provide more information about the GNU/Linux setup. A link to your log would also be helpful.
Did you try to use an empty level? Select the empty level in your project settings for the server and see if it starts. If yes, then you can dig more into the map you use.

The reason I didn’t provide a log is that there is no real difference when comparing to the logs when building a Windows dedicated server (which loads fine). The process just stops outputting anything when reaching the point when the map would load (besides “Waited for 10 seconds on IO”).

The Linux environments I have tried are a clean Amazon Linux environment and a fresh Ubuntu VM. In both of these I was able to get past this point in earlier versions of Unreal Engine.

Yes I did test trying to load an empty map, that’s what I meant by “simple map”, I should have clarified.

I am away from my work computer now, but I’ll upload a log anyway when I get back on Monday just in case.

Answering my own question, I found from this thread that this was solved by disabling “Event Driven Loading” in the project settings. Not sure why but I can successfully run linux servers again after doing that.