Map uses TONS of Memory (12-15GB?) Shootergame Process

My map eats memory and I’m unsure of how to reduce the usage.

Any advice on what I could have done wrong or can change would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Have a smaller map, Less assets on it, Less dense foliage, Enable level streaming. The last one is more important as it only keep the surrounding levels loaded instead of all of em

Thanks Uzumi! I realized that I was putting ground clutter down as Foliage. . . What a mistake that was!

haha yeah i did that too in the beginning, Although its useful for caves and such that are made by rocks

Are you using submaps? Thats the key to making massive levels like the island.

Yep! I have 15 Sublevels now. I didn’t realize that by placing grass down (not on the clutter layer) the game counts them as assets. . . I wasted so much time with that grass LOL!

i’m having the same issue, i think, with grass causing large file size. what did you do to solve? not use it, or just limit it, or put it on clutter layer, or what?

Clutter Layers for all the visual grass is what I did to solve it.

You’ll have to delete all the non interactable visual meshes you’ve used and use the Clutter Layer Actor instead.

Hope that helps!