Map upload shows all levels in game mod list instead of just one map

Not sure how else i can explain this. As title suggest all the levels created in the kit are showing in the games mod list instead of just the map.

Am i missing a step before cooking? The levels showing are levels created for water, sky, and actors “rocks”.

*Following all the tutorials i could find here in forums here are the steps i took to create a test map. *

  1. Created empty map added terrain, sculpted and painted.
  2. Edited world settings for world comp.
  3. added 3 levels to support actors such as rocks, sky and water.
  4. Cooked map successfully and uploaded.
  5. Subscribed to map and downloaded
    ISSUE. The map is in pieces as levels as seen in image below.

Ignore what Ive wrote - it doesnt work.
By the way, im stuck on the same problem for the time being. Tried with tile streaming volumes as well - doesnt work either.

It either:

  • cooks all levels als separate maps or
    *]cooks no map at all

Wonder if its pulling the maps as separate due to the location of them in folder structure? This is the first i have seen this before.

Ok, can replicate with different people: level streaming is broken if you start a new map.
You need to copy an existing one (e.g. the island) and build upon that as base … Not sure if the community keep this hidden for the sake of the current job applications aka “paid modders”, but something feels fishy.

Happy mapping!

Well Tymax i am getting the feeling the reason i can not get a real solution to this labor of love of mine is maybe due to what you said. If they throw me a bone so i can play my own map, they risk loosing what ever pennys they are fighting for. I am just hoping for a real solution with this instead of starting from scratch all over again and again and again. I am not trying to compete with the real modders, just trying to play my own labor of love.

The suggestions of recycling the existing maps is not working for me either, i just can not seem to catch a break. RIP RIFT lol.