Map Upload Failure

Can anybody tell me why I can’t upload this map please? Ive tried numerous times to no avail. Thnks.

Picture ~400kb
Cooked properly I think
Persistent Level name matches Folder name
All boxes filled out except the second one on the upload/cook window
All files appear to be present in the output directory
Once uploaded it is set to private and has a size of 0MB
Custom assets included (meshes/textures etc.)

Sounds like what used to happen with mine. From what I recall, the ‘World Composition’ box was checked, but it didn’t take effect for some strange reason. In order to get my map cooked and uploaded properly, I had to uncheck the box, then recheck it. Be sure that the ‘Enable World Origin Rebasing’ checkbox is unticked, otherwise it’ll spawn you in the middle of nowhere. Here is what my map currently looks like in terms of configuration:


EDIT: That’s a bit of a difficult image to see, here’s the dropbox link: