Map UDK to UE4

Hi GUYS !!

I was thinking of converting my current udk game to UE4.

I have a question: With UE4 is possible to open the maps of udk and related packages?

Thank you for help.


You’d need to make a new map, and import in your assets. UE4 uses .uassets. You probably want to scale them all first though.

quick answer is no, you will need to redo it in UE4

Thank you guys!

Hmmm, thought so. Good thing I just started and only have a few assets.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Also, note that the scaling system is now slightly different, so you’ll have to scale a large portion of your assets down too.

If you’re already really far into the development cycle, sticking it out until the end with UE3 is a good idea :wink:

Thanks for the heads up!, luckily I only have about 8 trees and some grass! :o. I’ll do some more research on the Units. I’m using 3ds Max.

The old system I believe was 2 Unreal Units == 1 Centimetre in the game, it’s now scaled so that 1 UU = 1 Cm, which IMO is definitely better as it helps keep things streamlined.

Did catch me by surprise when I imported some of my old assets to find I was a midget though haha

Yeah in 3ds Max, it was 1 Unit = 2 centimeters, (which is what you said but I think backwards…?), and obviously it was kept as Generic units, so I would just change it to 1 then. Not sure about Maya, I know Maya but rarely used it for game content so I wouldn’t know it there.

And yes it’s much better streamlined since it’s 1:1 (Think I said it right? :rolleyes:)

You can transfer it from UDK into the NEW platform.
Step by step.

  1. Go into UDK.
  2. Export your selected mesh as an OBJ file no mtl/textures(it only works on polygons) Don’t try to export water it wont work. Just remake it.
  3. Open up MAYA and import the OBJ file. ( DO NOT CHANGE THE DIMENSION AT ALL)
  4. Use mudbox to paint the new textures utilizing the PSD network.
  5. Update Maya from Mudbox side.
  6. In Maya Open up the hypershade and convert the textures into PNG from PSD. (you also have to save these files as PNG in photoshop)
  7. export this as an FBX file w/material
  8. Import the FBX file as a static mesh, connected mesh, with matieral and convert normals and faces.
  9. Place it down, and then lock it in place and change the variables such as collide and other (BLEEP)


Ill put the rest up after it completes.

Provided you got the assets ported over, there is a way of copy pasting most of a UDK level to UE4. I’ve done that for my clients. However it is not easy and various things like brushes/volumes/lights/landscapes/foliage will not move over properly.

My solution has been to use advanced text search and replace to transform the copy paste text from UDK into the UE4 format, and then rename its label to match the name of the model it used to have assigned, and then manually reassign the models in UE4 per label.

So you can see where this is going… Unless you are willing to go through the above pain the answer is no.

Are we allowed to harvest assets from UDK3 to make use of in 4?

I would probably say no, but I do not recall seeing anything like that in the EULA. But it’s probably not something they want you to do.

Anyone figure out how similar process will work in MAX?.

15 hours later. I finally got the terrain uploaded into the new platform. (OMFG) That took for ever. And it’s not because of my computer. Just it was that BIG.
It will be no the stream showing examples of the exported assets.

Hikmayan. MAX does have the same principle if I remember. It should have an fbx or DAE_fbx option.

Do we know if we can import upk files? Otherwise I will have to create all my mats etc all over again D:

You can’t import upk files because the UE4 uses another file management system (uasset) , but you can easily recreate your materials and particle system in the UE4, because not much has changed.

I have found its easier to make mats now. But it would be even easier if i could just import my existing packages :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be pretty awesome, especially for the complex materials like ocean shaders. :slight_smile: