Map to map transition - .umap files in different directories - How do I?

Hi - So this is in relation to doing a map to map transition. Thus far I’ve used Open Level successfully to accomplish moving from map to map within the same file directory (Area 1). However, check it …

Unreal 4.4

  • General large world architecture using smaller map files for effeciency.
  • Goal: Transition player from a map1.umap that is in one directory, to map2.umap in a different directory
  • Method: visual scripting (I am NOT a programmer).

Organizationally the “Zone” directories looks like this:
/Unreal Projects/T_Test/Content/Maps/Planet/Landmass1/Compound.umap
/Unreal Projects/T_Test/Content/Maps/Planet/Landmass2/Beach.umap

So there’s the Planet (Zone), and multiple Landmasses (Areas) that make up that zone. For organizational purposes I’m keeping them in separate directories, some zones will be quiet large and made up of numerous Areas. And these Area’s are made up of numerous .umap files.

So what I’m asking for some insight in, is how do you do a map change as illustrated above (directory paths)? I want to move from /Planet/Landmass1/Compound.umap and have the player load into /Planet/Landmass2/Beach.umap … make sense?

Any how to suggestions? Thank you most sincerely for your time.