map templates/materials other than 'TheIsland' ?

I think most map modders are stripping stuff out of ‘TheIsland’ and building back up their landscape as needed. I haven’t seen any mods with new landscape materials/texture yet which is the main place I’m having problems.

I’d suggest it would save time/work if there were simpler map templates available which included all the major subsystems(day/night/weather cycles,etc) and maybe also demonstrated how to successfully apply new landscape materials/textures. There have been helpful download examples by the community(thanks!), but they tend to be hit/miss as non-studio folks are working through things trial/error with learning curve.


I agree. I’m still having issues with the day/weather system which I would consider a basic system that most map makers would want to be able to easily implement. So I really hit a wall here. I don’t want to start creating a new map if I may have to start over because of a day cycle. I would settle for a tutorial with some pictures so I could do it myself.

The developer(Kayd Hendricks) and Brick Whut’s youtube videos have been very helpful and thankful for the ones provided so far. Brick’s video on day/night while helpful missed mentioning the level blueprints needed and had some copy/paste related issues with assumed level IBL actors. Kayd’s mentions future tutorials with system breakdowns which will hopefully address issues from the developer perspective and would be great if future tutorials on basic subsystems included simpler(faster loading/testing) download template levels to learn/start from and reference.

Brick’s tutorial is already dated. Whatever update came out for the dev kit stopped it from working like he shows in the video. Uzumi’s file helped me out a lot but there was an issue getting it to work in the actual game. I also wasn’t able to add any landscape to the level.

Yes, we’ll get a simple outdoor day-night template level uploaded by end-of-day tomorrow. You can count on it :slight_smile:


Awesomesauce! :slight_smile:

Any news on this? Was hoping to use this for a simple level base template.

Its been in the dev kit for atleast a week now I think. Just open the dev kit, go to Maps in the content browser and you will see a folder named SmallIslandSubMaps. Keep up to date with dev kit changes here:!-(Latest-Version-188-0-7-23-2015-Added-quot-Model-amp-Animation-Source-Files-quot-)

thanks Drathek!