Map Size

Hi guys,

Stupid question but how do I change how big the map size is? IE - setting it so the grass is like 5km by 5km so that will be the full gameplay area? And I can build/paint on top of it?


Anybody got an answer for this please?

Do you mean the size of your landscape? -> in the manage tab you can add components to the landscape to make it larger :slight_smile:

Hi Fighter!

Yeah so i mean the map will need to be 5km by 5km so that the player cannot walk past the 5km part (will probably just be deep sea/mountain range anyway so they can’t travel past)

Is what you said correct?

When you want to keep the existing level, you will have to do it with the components, otherwise just create a new landscape and choose the size that you want

Hi Fighter,

Thanks for that! Huge help!

Another quick few questions while you’re here:

1 - I want to add water/sea to my world, is there any easy way to do this? Or do i need to download textures/materials and import them? Does it come standard like grass/gravel on UE4?
2 - I also want to add moving clouds/sun (day/night cycle) so that i can simulate night time in the world? Auto lights (IE Street Lamps?) Any tuts?
3 - Have you got any tuts yourself? I see your name a lot and was wondering if you could help me when i need it?


  1. you will have to create a water plane + water material -> in the learn tab you can find a free water package
  2. on youtube you can find some tutorials about that topic. You only need to somehow get a time which sets a bool to true so that the lights gets turned on (all of the lights need to be an actor bp or in your level bp)
  3. I have my own youtube channel -> But when you have any questions, just post them here into the forum :slight_smile: