Map size. Making everything small so that the map will be bigger

Ok, so currently the max map size that I can get is 20km by 20km.
Now, could I just downscale my entire game, the players, the buildings, etc, and therefore make them move twice as slow, and ultimately end up with a 40km by 40km map?
Where’s the flaw in my idea? It sounds too simple to be true.

Any thoughts on this?

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​​​​​​​You could do it and it would probably work. However, what could cause problems along the way is collision detection and physics not behaving like they should. If you want to use your concept, I would recommend testing it in a testmap with objects of various sizes and the same collision and/or physics settings :).

Hi. Thanks for the response.
Sorry for late response because I was actually doing some testing.
So far so good. Been moving objects around, pushing stuff, running to the edge of the map. Looks good so far.

Anybody else tried it?

Physics start having issues after 6km, so the effective size is less than that. But scaling it down will only work to a limited degree, with something smaller you have fewer iterations to do physics simulations and so you can run into some physics issues that way as well. That’s why the World Composition tool exists, it allows you to combine maps and when you move to another map it repositions it to the origin to make physics work correctly.

well, I use world composition, but origin shifting doesn’t work with networking :frowning:

So, here’s what I did to test it: I created a map in world machine. I set it to 40km by 40km just for convenience,
Then I built it as a tiled build (16x16) and imported it into UE to fill up the max map.
Then, I halved my character (third person template), set its scale to .5, halved the max speed, etc…
Been running around the map so far, kicking stuff, and as I said earlier, so far so good :slight_smile:
Could you recommend an experiment to break physics?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I believe that was added to support multiplayer but the docs are not updated to indicate that.