Map size limitations in a space environment


I’ve recently decided I’m going to attempt to remake the Unity prototype of my current game in Unreal engine to get a side-by-side comparison to see which one runs more smoothly and looks/feels better overall.

I am aware that Unreal, not being made for space games, has a lower vertical map size limitation than horizontal, but cannot find any official numbers on the vertical limits of a map in Unreal Engine (at least not without conflicting numbers.)

The ships I have currently designed range from ten meter long starfighters to capital ships in the two-kilometer length area. Even one of these capital ships would likely take up too much of the map on their own. I was hoping to hear solutions on working around this limit.

I know Unreal Engine 4 supports something where a segmented, larger, map can be created, but don’t know how it affects the AI and physics of objects outside of a certain distance. Would this feature also work to increase the vertical height of a map? Or is it only for horizontal directions?

What’s your source exactly for vertical vs. horizontal limits?
This is a pretty complex area and not at all black and white.
Why not read some more threads first, then follow up after.
Search on Large Worlds and Origin Shifting in the title etc.
Also specifically is your game Single-player or Multiplayer?

Right now it’s going to be singleplayer. I plan to retool it for multiplayer down the road once I’ve become more familiar with Unreal Engine.