Map Size and Char

I just created a Land mass in Blender 2.71 and It imported at 39,800 Vertises and looks great…I learned the scaling system of UE4 but I have a MAJOR issue…I changed my Land size to 482,803 centimeter’s on all 3 axeis and and expanded the outer blue world ring to 800,000. But…My starter hero will not show up or work at all…I put the player start above the ground but it wont work…What do you think is wrong? I dont know how to find a way to see why its not working…The mass lighting,sky,fog is not scaling very well either…Is my map to big? If so…Can I change the engine map size to accept this? The lighting seems to work and the land looks great…Maybe my Mesh isnt solid?

-Go into the mesh properties and then enable “use complex collision as simple” (?v=TTsAYpqHU-c) -> now you will kow if you have forgot to add a collision
-try it out on a template map

Thank you :slight_smile: Will go try now!

Fixed it :smiley: Got me my first Landscape!!! Yessss :stuck_out_tongue: Now to build my game! (Cant wait for speed tree!)

May I ask how you have fixed it? :smiley:

Awwwww It dont work :frowning: Its making it out like its a object and not land!! Ugggggg

Why dont you just create your landscape with the “landscape tool” in the UE4 instead of using blender for it?
Or you can also bake a heightmap in blender so that you can import your mesh as a landscape

Thanks bro :slight_smile: (BTW) LOVE your videos :slight_smile: Learned a lot from you!