[MAP] Roraima 2.0

Hello community, I would like to officially announce the release of Roraima 2.0.
(The version is 2.051, but it’s called 2.0)
Some of you may remember the map back from the last contest, when it was released in November 2015. This version has MANY new updates and the terrain has been greatly changed and improved. All aspects of the old map have been inproved as well. I hope anyone who never tried my map before will now, and those who had before will try it again with the new improvments. As always feel free to subscribe of course, critique, comment, and share with your friends!

The map will also be competing in the international Ark modding competition so if you feel like my work deserves your vote please do so once voting is open!

I would also like to take a moment to thank everyone who got me this far. The development team for motivating me to actually get some work done through the competition as well as the community for their comments and help.

v. 2.051
Roraima is a 16 square kilometer map for ARK: Surivival evolved featuring a temperate rainforest climate. The inspiration for this map is the tabletop mountain, also called a Tapui, “Roraima” in Northern Brazil. Generally I tired to make the map more “prehistoric” then ARK’s “Island” map and in line with the triassic, though I added grass (which didn’t exist in the Triassic) for aesthetic reasons.

Please feel free to comment, critique, and make suggestions.

Gameplay Hints:
-Rare resources are mostly found in specific areas, not spread all across the map. Look for cliffsides and rocky outcrops to find metal.
-Crystal can be found in small quantities anywhere with large concentrations of rocks
-Obsidian can rarely be found downstream in dry creek beds, where it was washed from the tabletop mountain.
-The largest deposits of obsidian are at the top of the tabletop mountain, however crystal, obsidian, and metal can also be found in large concentrations in caves.
-There are aprox. 5 caves of varying sizes in the map currently (and more likely to come!)
-Much of the new foliage is harvestable.
-Get silicone from clams, which can be found in large numbers in specific parts of the map.
-Oil can anly be found underwater in a few locations right now.
-Watch out for Piranhas, they are deadly.


I’m utterly flabbergasted by the amount of creative detail you’ve applied to your map. The environments, the attention to detail, the creativity in each location. It’s phenomenal.

Wonderful job. I sincerely look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

Hey everyone, the Ark modding contest community voting has begun. Please go and vote for your favorite map!