[MAP]Robo Recall Modding : Polar Recall V1.1 MAP and BOSS update v1.1 2018

I tried to do something outside the usual context and I was thinking about using the beautiful showcase of Epic Games.
Robo Recall mod showcase: Polar Recall, featuring a new arctic-themed map imported from the Unreal Engine showcases( a small part)
YouTube video V1.1:

Link to new OPTIMIZED map V1.1** :)**…jcNBwaWXhCal2c

[SIZE=48px][SIZE=20px]**WARNING: In that Map you can experience a degree of natural fear when exposed to heights and also a fear of falling.

[SIZE=10px]I made some adjustments to ensure a good VR experience. I started with the HUB level as a basis for optimizing my Mod :

As you can see the Scene performance is 8.87 ms on my computer.

My mod entry level was far from that:

[SIZE=48px][SIZE=20px]**[SIZE=10px]my Scene performance reached 16.26 ms :frowning: which is much worse than on the HUB level!

After some changes I reach a better duration with 8.09 ms ! :slight_smile:

I put a small video with the Console command stat Unit to see the performance changing during the game.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

I like the concept and I think you made an excellent demo :slight_smile: . Keep up the good work and I look forward to see what else you have in store for the modding community!

Thanks for the comment. I will try to make it better and more fun as I`m digging more deeply in the Robo Recall mod kit.

Hi best recaller,
I’m wondering if anyone gave a tryout of my mod so I can have some feedback.

Cool map - felt very realistic due to the scale, but the play area could be a bit bigger. Only criticism I have is that some of the rocket firing robots appeared to spawn in mid air.

If you could expand the play area a bit, this would be a great map - I find the default maps a little claustrophobic, not much room in any area, always surrounded by cars or vans etc…

I think I moved around all of the map? (The two tower things, a little peak behind them and the ledge on the opposite side)

Thank you leinad13 for the feedback. You are right for the size of the map, a little bit too small.
I was experiencing for the first time a mod and this is quite something interesting to build one.
I’m surprise about your experience of claustrophobia as this map was intended to overcome Acrophobia basophobia and robophobia…

But yes you are right and as soon as I will have spare time I will make it bigger because apart
“(The two tower things, a little peak behind them and the ledge on the opposite side)” you are surrounded by emptiness.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood me, your map felt more open and spacious than the stock maps - despite not being that big! :slight_smile: I was referring the stock maps being claustrophobic…

Ok so now I can say " I feel good"

Robo Recall Modding : Polar Recall V1.1 MAP and BOSS

Happy NEW YEAR 2018 !

Nice, good work!

Best wishes for 2019 and may all the Recallers find the cause of the virus so we can leave in peace again.:wink:

wow, that’s awesome! Nice work on the optimizations, dude!

Thanks @Rave185 for the feedback! Share that link with your friends.

You’re welcome! Omigoodness, I just realized I haven’t played this map again with my new locomotion mod yet! OoO Gotta do that!

So I’ve been working on some maps for a while and I just figured out how to do the map exit level piece, but I still can’t get the level intro thing to work. Is there any way you could show me how to do that, since you have it working in yours?

@Rave185. I will check this as soon as possible.
it is a long time I didn’t touch the robot mod.:wink:

Ah, gotcha! No worries! thanks for responding! Can’t wait!

@Rave185 Ok I finally found how to replicate the Oculus Avatar in the new plugin.
Tomorrow I will open the robot recall mode to see the entryway for the game.:wink:

Awesome! Can’t wait!