Map problem(2D)

OK so at first please forgive me if I will not understand something. I’m beginner and don’t know many things. It’s possible that I don’t understand things that you think is basic. So please, remember that and try to be patient(warning - sometimes I can be very stubborn :stuck_out_tongue: ). I will be gratefull. :slight_smile:

ok so now - map problem.

I’m creating a 2D game and have problem with a map. I want that map to be big. At first I was looking for nice map generator and I found - Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator(Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator) and it’s very nice. I created my map and then started to making it in game so it’s looking like this

I did some basic things like markers, coordinates and locations. And after doing it I realized that I can’t(or don’t know how to) do travel system the way I wanted -> every color represent height (for example -> shades of green = lowlands, height lvl from 1 to 4(darkest green to lightest green)) and you can only go through height levels whose height difference is 1(for example from lowlands 2 you can go only to lowlands 1 and 3). So I was thinking about tilemaps and I don’t know how to name it but something like placing these color regions in rectangles like from this coordinate to this coordinate. If that map would be much smaller it would be a prefect idea. But not for 930x930 and without right angles. So I was trying to use tilemaps but i had something like 10 fps so yeah. So now I don’t know what to do. Any ideas?