Map not showing in content browser

I created a Map in ue4.26 and invested my expensive time and energy in it… Now I want to use this map in a project created with ue4.23 but the map say is just not showing up and in log message I don’t see any log related to this.
So please take some time to answer me and fix this bug why is this happening?

One more tip… the project is a new project created with 4.23 and not showing the map from my another project I created with 4.26

Unfortunately at the moment you’re unable to transfer any content to a lower version of Unreal Engine. Sometimes when migrating you can get away with some assets, but any blueprints, levels, etc. created in 4.26 can only go to newer versions.

Thank You for your reply it saves me much time figuring this out to get success in this… I was thinking to enable the bool in the source code which is responsible for this but at the same time I am not sure if this will put some bad effects on the engine itself.