Map not oppening after I package my game

Hi everyone! Basically I’m trying to package my game, and this problem keeps happening. I have a main menu, which is located in a level. Whenever I click play on that menu, the actual game loads, going now to another level. I put both the editor startup map and the game default map as this map that contains my main menu. After I package my game for windows though, whenver I click play, nothing happens. But i click anything else, like credits or quit, it does what it is supposed to, so the problem is most likely the other map not loading. Should also mention that everything works perfectly inside the editor itself. Any idea on how I could solve this problem? Appreciate the help!

Hey there @BojukaBog2! Welcome to the community! Are you cooking all the maps you need into your build?


thank you! And yup, that worked, simply added my two maps to that and there you go.

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