Map not Loading in ARK

So I created a map and all, and after cooking it I got 0 errors so I guess it should be fine. I then proceeded to upload on steam and for now I set to friends only… it uploaded fine and was able to add it to my game, and the changenotes were there and all.

I go on local, and select my map… starts to load then puff back to the main menu.

Is there a log somewhere to see what is wrong/missing? I can play in the editor… just in the actual game I have issues.

What’s the name of your item on Steam Workshop? We’ll take a look at it to see if we can determine what’s going on with it!
(as admins we can see it even if it’s Friends-Only/Hidden :slight_smile:

Oh wow… that would be great… it’s called Isla del Arka.

Im still experimenting with a lot of stuff, so the map is ugly as hell.

Ok so the issue with Isla Del Arka appears be that there is no actual map file cooked with it, so there’s nothing to load (notice how the Item on Steam Workshop is only 0.075 MB ;).

Is your “IslaDelArk.umap” file located within Content\Mods\IslaDelArka subdirectory? (it specifically has to be placed in that subdirectory along with any new assets used), and did you cook it first before uploading?


Yes I did cook it and all, and it is the folder '\ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\IslaDelArka' with it’s sublevels as well. File is 23mb in size. I didn’t realize the size so let me try uploading again… pretty sure it said ok job completed…

Oh wait… the folder ‘ARKDevKit\ModTools\Output\IslaDelArka\CookedMods\IslaDelArka’ is in fact empty… wth?!? … a sec

It may be under maps instead right now