Map making

HI all,

I want to create a map on the ark dev kit. I know the basics and want to learn more. I want to team up with some people so we can create our own map.
Hope that some one reacts and want to help me.


Hi I also have minimal experience with modding and am interested in making a map I would love to help thanks

wat is your discord name?


Hey! I´m new to the dev kit and have no experience. I want to make a map like a cave System, but different from AB. Right in this Moment I have no idea how to start, that´s why I´m here… :wink:

well add me on discord and we can talk i guess :smiley:

Hello everyone … I am just learning the Unreal Engine and the Dev Kit also … I have used Blender for Modding Oblivion and was working on a huge mod with a group many years ago but something happened, not sure what, and the team broke up when we were half way through it … so I am somewhat familiar with 3d work environments.

There is a Series of books I read with 24 books in it (I am obsessed with this Series and Have read all the Books at least 6 times) called The Dragonriders of Pern by Ann McCaffrey, I just happen to own The Atlas of Pern and it has extensive maps in it of the Planet and Wanted to bring the Map of PERN into Ark to Play on. I would like to Team up with someone or two or three … We can Talk and I will share maps of Pern, the map doesn’t have to be an Exact duplicate but there are Several Holds that have been Carved into Mountains and Lots of Cave Systems, and a Double Volcano that was extinct which Held Benden Weyr and was the Largest of the 7 Weyrs of Pern. I would at least like to have all of the Weyrs and many of the Holds or Areas for them to be discovered (or Rediscovered).

Has anyone here read these books? if not that is fine, I was just curious.

My Discord Name is Ravenwhitehawk if anybody is interested just let me know what your discord name is so I will know who you are … Thanks in Advance