Map making team

Hello !

I am looking to put together a few people to start a project; I am going to start working on a new map. I have been messing around with the dev kit for a little bit & feel like it’s time to work on a project that can be released. I have a bunch of ideas that i’d like to implement. So i am looking for the following;

A 3D artist that can create custom assets
A level designer w/ knowledge of blueprints

Basically people that can be reliable and work well as a team.

Here is my discord chat if you’re interested in talking about it;

No one is interested?

I am a 3d artist and I would like to learn how to import models I make and use them in Ark.
I dont think I would be down to work on a whole map with you, but I would be for props, weapons, objects or buildings

Here is a preview of my work :


Sounds great! Shoot me a message on discord and i’ll walk you through the process.

I have experience with landscape, texturing landscape, foliage and basic object placement. If any of these sound like something you need, let me know.