Map Making - Is it Currently Possible.

In the current state of the Ark Dev Kit is it possible to make a working “NEW” Map with only using the currently supported files(not importing any out of game files for use)???

I’ve run into a ton of problems with Uploading and playing anything that I’ve tried making, along with not being able to play any downloaded Maps that were supposedly working on either single player or Multiplayer servers.(spectator mode - not spawning into the work at character creation screen).

Am i doing something wrong? or does the kit currently have a bug/glitch that is causing problems and i should wait till its updated next to try again???

Out of all the things you can do with the dev kit, making maps has always been the priority and most supported. Check out this thread but a good start would be brick’s video tutorials.

It’s very possible that the maps you were playing on were also flawed in their design as a mod, so they were not working/loading correctly after the v190 update. Make sure that when you are making your map, us your PrimalGameData file needs to maintain “PrimalGameData” at the beginning of the files name, and it needs to be in the starting folder for your mod.

Soon this requirement will be patched out, but until then, this is what must be done.

Thunder_Horse1, good luck blazing a trail making a new map(not copying and pasting from an existing developer map), you will be the first modder(not developer) to do so! Let the rest of us would-be map-makers learn from the bugs you discover and time spent to work-around/fix!

Making a map is very viable as you can see on the workshop there is currently atleast 1 or two maps that are fully functional while some are either abandoned or needs more work, I would suggest that you stick with the norm of using a landscape of 127x127 2x2 then as big as you want.

As for not using any files to “cheat” id recommend against, while it is very doable you will have to rebuild the entire weather system and day and night cycle… ending up with something very similar to ark’s theisland. So id suggest to take those files and edit them to your liking.

As for “working map” They are all working, if you get stuck in spectator then you are using wrong settings (will be fixed in 193)

If you require any help while mapping help or you have questions you can find me in the IRC