Map loading issues

Okay, so I create a map in world machine, export it to UE4 than change it to suit, re-build lighting than go to save it.

All good right?

Well, when I go to open the map from my library the map I saved is there, so I go to open it, but instead of opening that map, it opens up an example map.

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong here :S

Does it matter what file type I save it as?

I also had troubles with getting walls lined up when I was practicing building a basic little building, so I stopped doing that and started mucking about with world machine with making maps on there, so far the idea of exporting the bit height map seems very straight forward, but now I need to figure out how to do all the texturing within in world machine and export that into UE4.

For the building thing, I did try using cube 2, as someone said you could export maps from that into UE4 but I didn’t like how the program ran, I have blender but haven’t jumped into that yet.

At the moment, I’m thinking I need someone who knows more than me to help me out, tutorials are good and all but they can only take you so far.

At the moment, I’ve sort of hit a big wall with learning everything >_<

When you create a new project the default setting is to load the example map when you start up your project, you can go into the project settings and change it so it loads up your map, or just open your level directly.

Okay, I have no idea what’s going on. I just opened it up, went to my library, where your saved projects go, and now my project has disappeared…

Umm what. I really don’t know what I am doing wrong here :S

Well, the only project that is there, is the example project they give you, but not my project…

If you updated the editor then it might not be listed since it’d be an old version. Open the editor, it should pop up a window asking which project to open, click the Browse button on the bottom and then locate your project folder. It should be located in Documents/Unreal Projects/

Ohhh, I see what I think I know what I was doing wrong.

When I saved it, I just did its auto save thing and for reason that doesn’t seem to save properly, so I just did a save as, at first It didn’t work beceause I didn’t put .umap at the end, but now I have it worked out I think, so I saved, closed it all down, and could open the map up again and work from where I saved it.

Always the smallest things hey.