Map issue - Z level death

Started building my own map, and, everything is going “perfectly” except one detail … a major one lol
When i travel down my beach and into the water, when i hit some where above the -40k Z marker (like -41k, -42k … or whatever), i die. By die, i mean, i fall off the map instantly. I can set “cheat fly” and stay below the -40k Z marker (flying above that magical invisable plane of death), and, not have an issue …

Is there a way to resolve this, or, im i screwed?
I set the world settings to like a million, same thing … kinda stuck on this one…

Even happens on some of my lower-laying land. Anything


Found that when i started my map, i kept the standard “100” Z ( 0,0,100) and it put my base level at 0, but, my elevation dropped soo much on the map, -40k was below the kill level (it was messed up)
Fixed by starting my 0,0,100 to be 0,0,40000 (putting my sea floor at 0 elevation)

lol i did that, but, no matter what i changed it to, i killed me. Max Z was like 60k and bottom of ocean was -42k …
I posted the resolution, i think my land area was too big on the Z axis, so, it was too much drastic change for it to work … got it resolved
now im having an issue with the dang water, i ended up copying the water box (the postprocessing one) from the TheIslandSmall and ended up making 300-ish copies into my map to cover the entire thing (200x200x200)… otherwise, the under water thing doesnt work

… thinking about it, i think at some point i set to kill anything under -40k (dino spawns) … oh well, either way, its resolved.
really having 2 issues, not to hijack the original reason to post …

  1. Above mentioned, the postprocessing (including the sound box being slightly “off” all the time, ie: walking on dry ground and having splashing sounds … how do you line up waterplane + post + sound???) Seems the “How To” videos are great for making less then 200x200x200 maps, but, not how to make them bigger
  2. Ground clutter is killing my machine, and, its a development machine. 64GB RAM, 8core CPU @ 5.4Ghz per core … i lay clutter, few min later the CPU goes to 0% and RAM is @ 3GB (or a little higher).