[MAP] Isla Sorna - (Jurrasic Park 2+3) - Help needed

Hey everyone I just wanted to post this on here to show the community my progress however minimal it is to you all.

![Isla Sorna

For anyone that doesn’t know from the pictures the map which I am trying to recreate is the infamous Isla Sorna aka Site B in Jurrasic Park lore. It is just one of several islands in the Muertes Archipelago and happens to be the setting for both Jurrasic Park 2: The Lost World and Jurrasic Park 3.


Currently I have just the rough landscape done for the island but in the future I wish to add the necessary features that make a map including textures, foliage and water. Alongside these I want this map to obviously be playable so I’d like to add everything else that you can currently find in Ark. Once i’ve gotten the bulk of the work out of the way I plan to finally add buildings and facilities that are scattered across the island including the many set pieces that were featured in the Jurrasic Park movies. These will of course include the research facility that the characters fought off raptors in at the end of the 2nd movie as well as the airfield, aviary and several research facilities from the 3rd movie. While all of this sounds amazing and awesome it all seems to have hit a speed bump. This speed bump happens to be me, and my lack of experience with the Unreal Engine. Directly after finishing the landscape I tried to paint my terrain with grass and stone textures but so far I have yet to find any way to. Also I’m having difficulty with the water plane since the one that comes packed into the dev kit has holes all over it for the many caves in the actual game. If anyone has any information or tips on how to reach my goals and fix my problems please let me know because im desperate (mostly excited actually) to finish this map and run like crazy through the tall grass like in the movies while getting chased by raptors. :slight_smile:

Well you do have a heightmap there, id import that for starters and go by that :slight_smile:

there are a couple people that have already made some amazing maps, look through their postings and get some tips from them. I definitely look forward to the progress of your map though.

Looks good! Try looking through the following links regarding landscape materials(textures). I started with weight blend, but am trying height blend based on looking at ‘TheIsland’ landscape material blueprint which can be found searching for ‘islandblendmaterial’

My main landscape texture problem(link below) at the moment that I have been battling all week trying to figure out is why some of my material textures are either not loading in-game or have some setting wrong making them appear blindingly white. Let me know if you run into the same issue or not, for me things look great in the editor but can’t get things to work right after cook/upload.

It’s not going to be easy thats for sure… I am working on something that is very similar in size to Isla Nublar (Around 50 square km) and it is just a little bit bigger that the Ark Island. According to the movie canon, Isla Sorna is nearly 4x the size of Nublar so you may have some performance issues on something that big IF you do not scale it smaller.

Look into level streaming and start early with that, It will help with optimisation and it will make editing your map sooo much easier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0mptinaWIo