Map is live...but I got issues

So the first map I’ve ever done is now live.

But as usual

I got issues



I get either too much and the world is blown out…or I get this nice large BLACK patch over a part of the island that goes away as you get closer to it.

its got something to do with Ray Casting and the way shadows are hitting the map…any suggestions.

Here is an example Notice how the one side of the island is black…you can even see the line.


and then I also have this
the textures for just the ruins…will not show up…even though I copied them to my map folder

AS you can see they are pointing to the LTS folder which is my project.

Any insight would be great as i’m on a roll now and I really want to make this map great.

the map is on steam not sure if this link works

its called Thieves Island.

I am having that same issue with the textures, cannot figure out where its going wrong

Its making me crazy, that and this lighting thing…