Map Help

Hi there community!

I am super new to the community/unreal but trying to learn the process and workflows of the engine. So currently I am encontering a problem and cannot figure it out for some reason, I have scoured the ends of the earth and come up with nada. I currently have a height map that I was able to open on UE4, got it to sizes etc. Transferred the file to blender and applied some things and added ocean etc but mainly just wanted to smooth some edges and fix some stuff with the map. For some reason now when I export FBX from blender and import FBX to UE it comes up as a material and not a static mesh. I do not know what else to do I have viewed a bunch of tutorials and they transfer maps, items etc the same way I am doing it with no problem at all. If anyone who is good with both systems is able to add me and hit me up on discord that would be a god send.

Discord - MistressStarr#7466

Thank you,