Map help needed

Basically I have virtually no experience with unreal 4 and I want to make a map that entirely consists of an underground environment with huge mazes of twisting caves and massive caverns. Where do I even start?

at the beginning of course!

And get ready to want to punch your computer in the face 100 times before the night is done. All i can say, is, be ready to get mad and frustrated. Get ready to start your map over 100 times and revamp the entire project. Pre-plan what you want, think about what you need. then toss out what you want and go with what you need. Also, make sure you have HOURS and HOURS available for this project … this isnt a “i can spend an hour doing this and be done in a few weeks” kinda thing. I have been at this over a month, with about 12-16 hours per day … yikes … really? i need to stop spending soo much time on this haha