Map goes infinitely up after update

Since i’ve updated to v4.11 as soon as I open any map on any project the camera of the editor on perspective mode starts falling (or the map itself going up) infinitely. It doesnt happen on top, bottom, etc. modes.

System: W10
Graphic card: NVIDIA GTX 760
CPU: Intel core I7-4470 3.4Ghz

OMG, it worked!


But seriously, I feel really stupid. N00b mistake.


Hi Ritsu95,

Do you have a game controller plugged in when you turn on the editor? If so, try unplugging it then open the editor and see if the movement stops.

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I’m happy to hear that this resolved your error. I am going to mark this as answered for tracking purposes. After you start the editor, you should be able to plug the controller back in and it will work without moving the camera forward.

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