map extension

hi all !

first sorry for my english.

I want to create a map extension.

First : Cann i had it, on a existing map ? with all the construction off the players and keep it ?

second : What i realy need to use for create it ? (i know the dev kit but in this one)

can i use it on a mod and add it, or i need to create a new full map ???

Thanks you very much !

Yeah, I’m also confused about this. I am looking to either modify (sculpt) parts of the existing ‘The Island’ landscape, or add a floating island to it without losing current progress (player bases etc). I have no idea how to even start, as all of the tutorials I have read/watched are about creating a whole new map.

Just a bump, because i wanna create a extension. The main problem is, how to start? I’ve created a small landscape and moved it to the position i want based on the Island landscape. After cooking as extension, the landscape was not cooked.
So question is again:

How to start?

I hope we’ll get some answers.


Have the same problem :confused:

How to setup & cook a map extension:

  1. Create a sublevel in your “TheIslandSubMaps” Folder, give it a unique name, add your floating islands or whatever you are adding. It needs to remain in “TheIslandSubMaps” folder forever and always so don’t move it!
  2. After editing and saving your ext, open the cook window and select your mod.
  3. Put the name of the map extension in the “Maps” line followed by your mods original orange level file separated by a comma.
  4. Click “Cook Island Extension”


So this is also the way how i can edit The Island? I just want to flat some spots :slight_smile:

Nope you can’t edit the landscape via a map extension, you only can add stuff to the landscape.

is there another way to edit the landscape? so i mean the island landscape. cant find any tutorials :frowning:

The only way is, you’re doing a mod map, but idk if the devs would allow this.