Map extension won't work

I am having trouble getting my map extension to work properly. Every time I upload it, it does not work and nothing appears in-game. There aren’t any serious issues with cooking the mod; everything there seems fine, even down to taking a long while to cook. Are there any mistakes I could’ve made that consistently make this happen? I checked the actual mod’s folder after installation and the .umap file is there, along with the primalgamedata file and a few other files like which I checked and were very similar files to another map extension I downloaded to compare and it worked. But mine won’t work and I don’t know why.

Edit: My Map Extension still won’t appear either even after checking my network settings with a packet tracer. The mod is on my game but the rocks and other nodes won’t appear on the Island. It’s really making me mad. I just want some dumb rocks for a stupid Doed farm >:/ . I don’t know what the bloody problem is after 4 weeks of tweaks and tests I must have spent every waking hour cooking or modifying the past 4 weeks!

Got a message back from Zen, The Mod Extension feature is broken and he’s looking into it.