Map Editor, within game.

I know the process of making your project modable with Unreal’s licensing has been a lengthy debate, but to save me from scrolling through threads of peoples opinions are about it, i’ll ask a direct question that hopefully i can get a straight forward answer too.

I’m working on a prototype where hopefully end user can create their own maps, similar to Halo’s Forge with modular assets ect.
Is something along the scope of this possible?

tl;dr: Can you make a small scale map editor inside of a game made with UE4?

You’d have to create the system yourself

So it is possible?

Yes, full source code is available, so practically anything is possible given the skill and time to do it.

Awesome, thanks for the replies.

You could definitely make a BP based prototype of this, with some though. As for saving out the files and such, that’d be a bit more complicated and probably require some C++.