Map Editor using Blueprints and UMG (Now on GitHub)

So yesterday i made something like a map editor using Unreal Engine Blueprints and UMG. This will be available to the UE4 community soon. :slight_smile:

Placeable buildings
Foliage painting
Placeable spawn point
Posses and Eject player
2 Camera modes: RTS and Free Cam

Github link:

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Nice work RyanJon!

However, How easy would it be to save out the users maps without a massive filesize? I think this would be quite a big hurdle :wink:

Wow , this is best new !

How objects are listed, from a database or something else?
End user can add or replace object ? , It would be great if the Map Editor automatically detects all objects and mechanical play.

Realy good idea & nice work .

Ooo I can see this going really far as you and other UE4 Community members work together to develop this!

Great work !

Nice work . We could use this in the community RTS project.

About Saving the map, have you considered saving that map using a json/xml file format, so we can load and save maps? We may not be able to save the terrain (if you support deformations), but other actors and their properties can be saved very easily.

looks very promising! yeah, it would be great to see a working save/load system!

(it would significantly boost my motivation to port my RTS editor+hierarchical pathfinder to UE4, instead of working with an apparently dead game engine…)

Thanks everyone! Glad to see you all liked it. :o

Hi ,

Right now there are no databases or anything like that but they can be added. I have lots of ideas for this (eg: time of day slider, placeable NPC’s (RPG style) etc) but I want this map editor as a template only so others can extend or modify it to fit their games.

Thanks mindfane. I had our RTS project in mind when i designed this so i made 2 camera modes which are Free Cam Mode and RTS Cam Mode.

I never thought about JSON saving. Seems interesting. :slight_smile:

Wow this is amazing, genius. I wonder how far you can push the engine!? Any plans on future features?
Thanks again, you’re awesome !

Pretty sweet! Hopefully someday I can implement a similar editor for my own map editing needs. :slight_smile:

Looks awsome… Gonna start playing with it…

Hi folks,

you’ve got a very nice editor here! I think about extending/working on it but I’m not sure if some of the options I want to build are actually feasible with Unreal.

  • Is it possible to implement an import function for 3d models in formats like fbx?
  • Is it possible to draw something based on splines?

thinking of other map editors: what wouldn’t be doable with unreal regarding object placement, import, terrain, foliage, textures, sun, weather,…

(i’m asking because I want to use unreal for a current (long-term, non-commercial) research project and need some kind of clarity if everything i need is actually realistic ^^.
I want to build a map editor for a driving simulation. So, I need roads, houses, terrain, customizable weather, some physics, ai for other vehicles and more. And it should be managed via the/some map editor. Unreal was seems to be the best engine for this regarding graphics and existing functionality. But as I said, i’m not sure if everything is doable)

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey RyanJon, I’ve been studying your project in and out and I learned a lot from it. Learning UE4 is loads of fun for me but since I’m not a programmer I get stuck here and there (more often than I would like actually). Right now I just can’t figure how you change the colors of the buildings without using C++. I looked up structs and enums and looked everywhere in your project and still can’t figure out how you generate buttons inside the HUD after selecting a building, how many buttons it will generate and what color they are. Same goes for the color of the building, can’t tell where you define the values for the colors used. It would mean a great deal if you would at least confirm you didn’t use C++ and that it is indeed just Blueprints and HUD.

Keep up the good work

sweet, i want this

Nice, will test this out, great work.

This is awesome. thank you for sharing your hard work to help others.

I will try my best to add more features :wink:

is it possible to have this online? i want to be able to have it so, the player can log onto this world, then when they wish, share it to be online? i also want to be able to have a save function, so it saves their progress locally on their computer or on a server